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Standard 3D Printed Turkish Spindles

Standard 3D Printed Turkish Spindles

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Standard 3D-printed Spindles

These 3D printed spindles made by Jen Kemery of Turtlemade have even more advantages than most.They are extremely well balanced, and have a lovely long spin, making them ideal for beginners. They won't break when dropped, which is great even for experienced spinners - we all drop them sometimes! You can also use them as supported spindles as well as drop spindles.

These spindles weigh approximately 40g. 


These standard sized spindles are fairly slow spinners, making them perfect for making thicker yarns, although they are light enough to make finer yarns too.

The measurements are:

7" shaft, 5" arms


The spindle arms are made from PLA, which is a durable, biodegradable thermoplastic. Don't worry! It only starts to biodegrade when exposed to extreme heat. Jen recommends that you don't leave it in the car on a hot day. The shafts are made from molded ABS plastic, which is known for its impact resistant properties. Handy for a drop spindle!

Check out my video tutorial for getting started on a drop spindle.


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