Do you have a question that's not answered here?  Just get in touch! I'm always happy to help. 

Do you dye all your yarns and fibres yourself?

I do, except for custom-blended tops and batts, which I design using commercially-dyed fibres. I use non-toxic acid dyes, which are set using heat and either citric acid or vinegar.  I am really lucky to have a studio at the bottom of my garden to work in. 

What if there's not enough of what I want available?

If you've found the perfect yarn or fibre for your project, but there aren't enough in stock, please get in touch. I can dye larger quantities to order. 

Can I have this colour on that yarn/fibre?

Of course. My colourways are repeatable and if you see something you like but fancy it on a different base, I'm happy to do that. Just email me and we can chat about what you'd like. 

Do you have a shop I can visit?

I don't - I sell online and at shows and other events. However, if you're in Bristol and would like to visit and have a look through my yarns and fibres, that can be arranged.  

Do I have to use sock yarn to make socks?

No! You can make anything you like out of any kind of yarn!  Often 'sock' yarn refers to a specific weight of yarn, usually a 4ply.