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Choosing a drop spindle

August 3, 2020

Welcome to the second instalment of my series on spindles and how to choose them.  This post will concentrate on drop (or suspended) spindles, because this is my main area of expertise/experience. I started spinning with drop spindles about 7 years ago, after my husband gifted me two absolute beauties… Read more

A turkish, tibetan and various top whorl spindles

Which spindle?

July 11, 2020

I get asked a lot of questions about drop spindles at shows, and in emails. Because they come in lots of different shapes and sizes, sometimes choosing which one to start with can be intimidating. Do you choose a drop spindle or a supported spindle?  Top whorl or bottom whorl?… Read more

A sense of achievement

June 5, 2020

Things have been very much up and down the last few weeks. A month ago I was taxing my brain to the max by doing quick crosswords whenever stress presented itself. Then, suddenly, the ability to use my brain at all deserted me and I’ve spent the last week inhaling… Read more