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Silk Hankies (Mawata) - 20g

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20g of hand dyed silk hankies in rich, vibrant colours.  Spin, felt, weave, knit or crochet with them for a real pop of colour and texture in your projects.


Silk hankies are magical things.  Each 20g comes in between 15-18 layers, each one gossamer thin.  Simply peel off one hankie and turn it into something beautiful.

You can use these for all sorts of things - spinning them is a treat - but remember to keep your hands really far apart while drafting so as not to fight the fibre.  They are wonderful for adding texture and colour accents to felting projects. You can pull them out into long threads and weave or knit with them. They are super strong, beautifully soft and add a real splash of interest to any project.

These hankies have all been hand dyed using non-toxic acid dyes.