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Repair Hooks from KnitPro

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Dropping stitches is no fun, but with these handy repair hooks in your notions pouch you need never worry that you don't have anything on hand to catch them and put them back where they belong. This pack of laminated birch hooks contains three sizes - 3.5mm, 4.5mm and 5.5mm - which cover a variety of yarn weights. With a hook on one end and a needle tip on the other, they're one of the most useful things you can have in your knitting arsenal.


  • 3 x Laminated birch wood repair hooks: 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm

  • Hook on one side and needle on the other

  • Convenient size for easy storage

  • Repair fallen and dropped stitches with perfect ease

  • Must have accessory for all knitters and crocheters