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Nano 3D-Printed Turkish Spindles

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Nano 3D-printed Spindles

These 3D printed spindles made by Jen Kemery of Turtlemade have even more advantages than most.

They are extremely well balanced, and have a lovely long spin. They won't break when dropped, which is great even for experienced spinners - we all drop them sometimes! You can also use them as supported spindles as well as drop spindles.

These spindles weigh approximately 8-10g.


These nano spindles are unbelievably small, and will fit easily into a pocket.  They are feather light and have a super fast spin, making them ideal for cobweb and very fine lace yarns.

The measurements are: 3.5" shaft, 2.5" arms


The spindle arms are made from PLA, which is a durable, biodegradable thermoplastic. Don't worry! It only starts to biodegrade when exposed to extreme heat. Jen recommends that you don't leave it in the car on a hot day. The shafts are made from moulded ABS plastic, which is known for its impact resistant properties. Handy for a drop spindle!

Check out my video tutorial on starting to spin with a drop spindle.

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