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Lykke 3.5" Interchangeable Needle Tips - Driftwood and Indigo

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Interchangeable knitting needles are wonderfully versatile tools, and Lykke needles are a delight to use.  Made of smooth, hard birch wood, they feel strong and light in your hands. They taper beautifully to a good, sharp tip.

The size of each needle is engraved onto the metal joint, which means it won't rub off and leave you trying to find your needle gauge to see if you've got the right size. The join with the cable is very smooth, so the yarn slides over it without a murmur as you knit.

These 3.5" interchangeable tips are perfect for small circumference projects such as socks, hats and sleeves. They can be used with Lykke's shortest cord - 16"/40cm.

Cords are available separately in a variety of sizes.