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Cat & Sparrow UK

Helter Skelter Mitts - Cat & Sparrow UK

Helter Skelter Mitts - Cat & Sparrow UK

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Helter Skelter mitts are worked from the bottom up‭, ‬featuring a 2x2‭ ‬rib cuff and a fully worked thumb gusset‭. ‬The pattern is a repeating 5-st cable pattern‭, ‬worked without a cable needle‭ (‬if you prefer‭).  ‬The result is a helical pattern of stitches that runs across the back of the hand and across the palm‭. 

The mitts are designed to be short‭, ‬stopping just after the knuckles‭, ‬because I like to use them when my office is chilly‭, ‬and they let me type without restrictions while keeping my hands toasty‭!  ‬If you want to work the hand or cuff longer‭, ‬please feel free to adapt the pattern to suit you‭. 

Sizes‭:  ‬S‭ (M, L, XL)

To fit hand circ‭:‬‭ ‬16.5‭ (‬18‭, ‬19.5‭, ‬21‭)‬cm‭ / ‬6.5‭ (‬7.25‭, ‬7.75‭, ‬8.5‭)‬in

Actual hand circ‭:‬‭ ‬15.5‭ (‬17, ‬18.5‭, ‬20‭)‬cm‭ / ‬6.25‭ (6.75‭, ‬7.5‭, ‬8‭) ‬in


Cat‭ ‬&‭ ‬Sparrow UK‭ ‬Rolling Stone Sock ‬(non-superwash Romney/silk‭), ‬400m/100g

Cat‭ ‬&‭ ‬Sparrow UK‭ ‬Oh So Fine‭! ‬Sock(‬Superwash BFL/silk‭), ‬400m/100g‭. ‬

Shown in Wild Horses (Rolling Stone) and Sorceress (Oh So Fine)‭. ‬1x100g hank‭.‬‬


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