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Brocket Sock Kit

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Enjoy this lovely pattern, designed by Liz Corke in Cat & Sparrow Eco-warrior Sock, and inspired by the shape of stag antlers.  The kit includes one pattern, worth £5, and one skein of Eco-warrior Sock in the full range of colours.  On purchase, you'll be able to download the pattern and get everything ready for your yarn!

The pattern covers four sizes, and is customisable for length, making it easy to find the perfect fit. The beautiful yarn shows off the lace pattern to perfection.

If you just want the sock pattern on its own, you can get it directly from Liz here.


Brocket features a lace pattern of interlocking “V”s reminiscent of a stag’s antlers running up the outside of each foot and leg. A brocket is a two year old red deer stag, who has smooth unbranching antlers – just like the lace pattern! Knit from the toe up with a gusset and heel flap, these socks are a great mix of relaxing knit and engaging pattern – perfect for travel knitting or chilling with a film!

Brocket kits are dyed to order. Please allow 10 working days for dispatch. 

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