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Turtlemade 3D-Printed Andean Plying Tool

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This Andean plying tool is brilliant for managing your singles yarn.  It simplifies the preparation of your yarn for plying, whether it's from from bobbins or spindles.

Have you ever plied the contents of two bobbins together, and ended up with more yarn on one than the other?  This tool is the answer.  Simply wind the remaining single onto the plying tool - instructions included - and continue plying. No more tiny balls of leftover yarn, no more wasted singles.

These are made by Jen at Turtlemade.  The hand held part is 3D printed out of PLA on our printers and there is a dowel that the yarn wraps around that has been turned and sanded. After the singles have been wrapped using the Andean plying technique then you remove the dowel and you're left with a loop of yarn that can be two-plied.

4" wide

6-1/4" tall without the pin

9" tall with the pin

5/8" thick

3/16" diameter pin

Jen says, "Winding yarn onto the Andean plying tool to get an idea of capacity, I got 43 grams wound on without squeezing or doing any manipulation."