Nicky stands out side her shop in Frome.

Meet the Yarn Shop Owner - All About the Yarn

All About the Yarn is my happy place.  It's just the loveliest shop, and it's run by Nicky Jerrome, who is one of the most fun people I know. Her enthusiasm for yarn and knitting is infectious, and I always learn something new. She seems to like my yarn too, which is always a bonus!

What made you want to open a yarn shop?

I have a passion for yarn, possibly more than the act of crafting itself. The colours, the textures. I just love it. I’ve always loved the idea of having a shop and, as I became more and more obsessed with knitting, I would fill notebooks with ideas for my dream yarn shop. I never really expected it to become a reality but then when I was talking to Debbie Orr, former owner of Skein Queen, about the fact we were looking to move West to be near my parents, she mentioned that there was a shop for sale in Frome. The rest is history!

How long have you been a knitter/spinner/crocheter/felter/all of the above?

I’ve been seriously knitting and crocheting for about 12 years. Like many people, I learned as a child and came back to it later in life. I have a spinning wheel and have dabbled over the last decade. I do love it and want to dedicate more time to it. Time is hard to come by though!

What’s your favourite thing about your shop?  What do you think your customers like about it?

My favourite thing, other than I get to play with gorgeous yarn all day, is where it is located. Catherine Hill in a Frome is a steep, cobbled street lined either side with lovely old buildings housing all sorts of interesting independent shops. I just love it here. I think (hope) that my customers appreciate the friendly welcome they get here along with advice and help when needed. Everyone who works here is a keen knitter and/or crocheter and I think that our love for what we are doing shines through.

How do you choose what yarns to stock?  It must be mind boggling!

I think if I get excited about a yarn the first time I see it, hold it and smell it then that’s always a good sign. I have a loose list of boxes in my head that need to be ticked and try to make sure I have something to suit a variety of tastes, budgets and requirements. When I feel all my boxes are ticked, I can start looking at “icing on the cake” type ranges and even the occasional special cherry on the top! We’re transitioning the ranges we stock to ensure that any yarn containing animal fibres is from companies that vouch that their yarn is cruelty free. That’s harder than it may seem at first and some very popular yarns will have to go but it’s really interesting sourcing new options to make sure I keep ticking all my boxes and keep a good range in the shop.

What’s your yarn philosophy? What does yarn mean to you?

Yarn to me means endless possibilities. Even if it’s been made (or half made) into a project it can usually be ripped out and used again for something different. I love how it enables me to play with textures and colours. It keeps my mind and fingers busy and is a constant source of comfort when I need it.

What would you like people to know about your shop?

That whoever you are, we welcome you with open arms (other than when they’re full of yarn, in which case we welcome you with arms of yarn).

Since writing this post, Nicky has moved All About the Yarn out to the beautiful Chesterblade Hills, where she runs workshops and hosts knit nights. And still sells yarn, of course!
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