A turkish spindle wrapped with hand-spun yarn, lying on a bed of turquoise fibre.

Turkish Spindle Tips

Crikey! I'm on fire this week. I've been meaning to make a video for people who'd like a simple guide to getting started on a drop spindle, and specifically on a Turkish spindle. I've met loads of you at shows who have said you'd like something like this, but I've been afraid to step out of my comfort zone and actually get in front of the camera until now.  I enjoyed it so much I'm planning a series!  You'll never get rid of me now, mwahahahahaaaaa.

If you'd like to see a few tips and tricks on how to spin your own leader to get started on a drop spindle, how to do a half hitch easily every time and tips for winding on to make a nice neat turtle, check me out below, and you can also subscribe to my new channel (I know, right? Hollywood beckons).

I'm the European distributor for Turtlemade spindles, which makes me happy, because I love them, and love sharing them with other people.  They're so well balanced and light, and they come in fab colours. What's more, they're sustainable and biodegradable!  What's not to love? You can find the spindles here.

Happy spinning!


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