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Space Cowboy - Shetland/Cheviot/Alpaca

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This is one of my favourite colour blends, inspired by everyone's favourite space cowboy, Mal Reynolds, captain of the Serenity. It's a fabulous mix of hot pink, deep plum, gold and olive green and it's an absolute corker. 

40% Shetland / 40% Cheviot / 20% Alpaca

This is a beautiful wool and alpaca blend with unique texture. It's soft and crimpy and the alpaca gives it a slight halo.  Both alpaca and Shetland are beautifully warm, so whatever you make with this it will keep you cosy and toasty.  Shetland and Cheviot are both very resilient, so this blend is perfect for things like socks and mittens.  Shetland especially has fantastic water resistant properties, so it would also make for great hats to wear in wintry snow. It would also make wonderful sweaters.

Each braid weighs 100g.