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Hubble Bubble - Wensleydale/Alpaca/Bluefaced Leicester

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This is pure magic - I love a good green, and this just screams 'magic potion in a cauldron', with its saturated chartreuse splashed with deep sea green.  

50% Wensleydale / 25% Alpaca / 25% BFL

The stunning blend takes 3 long, lustrous fibres and sends them out to play together.  The alpaca adds softness, the BFL strength, and the Wensleydale a fantastic silky shine.   BFL and Wensleydale both take colours beautifully, and this depth is slightly muted by the fluffy aplaca. An all round beauty!

This is a great blend for warm socks or hats, or anything that needs a bit of drape. 

Each braid weighs 100g.