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Cabana - Wensleydale/Silk

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Warm, tropical sea, deep blue sky, palm trees waving, a refreshing cocktail in your hand - these are the things that this bright, fresh colourway brings to mind. Bring the beach party right into your hands and enjoy the blending or lime green, turquoise and deep blue.  This fibre is perfect for fractal spinning, as it has clear colour repeats.

50% Wensleydale/50% Tussah Silk

The staple length of the Wensleydale/silk blend is between 8 and 12 inches, and it spins up into a yarn that has a gorgeous characteristic sheen that makes it take dye with a lovely depth. The long fibres mean that it can cope with a lot less twist than shorter staple fibres.

The addition of silk to Wensleydale makes a delicious fibre that, when spun softly, has a fabulous drape and shine. It's just magical.

Each braid weighs 100g.