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Ragged-Robin - Linen/Silk - 50g

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The blend is dyed a beautiful soft pink with hints of a deeper mauve, and its  appearance is reminiscent of bright ragged-robbin flowers that used to spill out of hedgerows all over the place in summer.  It'll spin into a delightfully variegated yarn, especially as the linen doesn't take the dye at all, lending plenty of variation and lightness to the end yarn.  It'll look absolutely beautiful in a scarf or summery tee.

66% Tussah Silk/ 34% Linen/flax

This is a really delicious blend to spin.  The silk is beautifully soft and shiny and the papery, light linen complements it perfectly and softens the more it is handled.  This blend works very well if you spin it finely, and also works beautifully for heavier, slubby yarns with plenty of texture and character.  It's perfect for summery scarves and tops, as it's light, and the natural fibres can both keep you warm and keep you cool. 

Each braid weighs 50g.