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Pumpkin Patch - Whiteface Woodland

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This is simply delicious - the rich, intense orange of pumpkin shells, next to the pale gold of pumpkin flesh, all tied together with soft and dark browns.  It's a pumpkin lover's dream. Even if you hate pumpkins, I guarantee you'll find this a treat.

100% Whiteface Woodland

Whiteface Woodland is the most wonderful wool to spin. The breed has recovered from near-extinction, thanks to the increased interest in wools from rare breeds. This is such great news for the breed and for us. I'd hate to think this wool would vanish from our lives forever.

The fibre itself is extremely springy, fluffy and crisp - it has a lovely hand, and spins beautifully. Its spins into yarn with bags of elasticity, and it's very easy to spin evenly. It makes a yarn that has lots of bounce and little drape.

This fibre is coarser than fibres like BFL and Merino, but I would wear it next to my skin quite comfortably (although I am quite hardy). It would be perfect for gloves or socks, as it's quite hard wearing, or for over-sweaters and hats.

Each braid weighs approximately 100g.