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Phoenix - Bluefaced Leicester/Silk - 100g

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50% Bluefaced Leicester, 25% Merino, 25% Silk

This is a fiery blend of scarlet Bluefaced Leicester, purple silk and bright yellow Merino, which has been lightly blended so that the mix of colours comes through in the yarn.  It spins up into the most wonderful, rich red/orange yarn, with royal purple depths.





This blend of fibres is ideal for spinning and felting, and is a wonderfully versatile, luxurious mix of Merino, British Bluefaced Leicester and Tussah silk.  Bluefaced Leicester is well known for its softness, texture and durability, and when it's blended with buttery-soft Merino the result is a yarn with lovely bounce and elasticity.

This fibre works beautifully for both fine and chunky spinning. The finer you spin, the more subtle the mix of colours becomes, but regardless of the weight of the yarn, the result will be a super-soft with a silky drape. This blend is perfect for almost any project - hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters - it will suit almost anything.