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Orchid - Alpaca/Seacell/Silk

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This was inspired by beautiful deep purple Dendrobium orchids. Their colour is so velvety and rich, splashed with delicate white - it's sumptuous and regal

60% alpaca / 20% Seacell / 20% tussah silk

This blend of alpaca, seacell and silk is so gloriously fluffy and soft it defies belief. Seacell is derived from sustainably sourced seaweed, and is purported to have beneficial qualities for the skin by way of transfer of nutrients. It's soft, silky and a delight to spin.  Alpaca fibre is hollow, and so extremely light and warm.  It has no elasticity, so will not spring back into shape after washing, making it perfect for drapey, flowing garments such as shawls and scarves.  The addition of silk adds strength and sheen to this lovely blend.

Each braid weighs 100g.