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Iron Islands - Bluefaced Leicester/Gotland/Merino - 100g

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40% Merino, 20% Gotland, 20% Shetland, 20% BFL.

This superb fibre blend is a mix of Merino, Gotland, Shetland and Bluefaced Leicester, and is perfect both for spinning and felting.  Gotland wool is a really lovely fibre to work with.  It is a long wool with a staple length of 10-12cm, and a high lustre.  It needs very little twist, meaning the final yarn has lovely drape, and a light halo.

We've blended it with Merino, and Bluefaced Leicester for next to skin softness and Shetland for warmth and strength.  The mix of longer and shorter fibres makes this interesting to work with and produces a yarn with superior drape and shine, which can withstand a relatively low level of twist.

This fibre is perfect for soft but hardwearing garments, like sweaters, gloves and mitts, hats and socks. It may not be quite soft enough for wearing next to the neck or more sensitive skin, although I find it very comfortable and pleasant to wear, and I love the crisp, clean texture of it.

Colour & Inspiration

This is another blend from our Game of Thrones inspired range.  The Iron Islands are known for their harsh, cold and windy climate, and a sparse, fairly barren landscape. We chose grey Gotland, oatmeal BFL, olive Shetland and moss green Merino to reflect the land, and petrol grey Merino to represent the lowering sky and bitter sea. I also like to believe that if they'd had garments made out of this blend on the Iron Islands, they'd have been toasty warm.

Each braid weighs 100g.

The fibres we use are carefully sourced and are of high quality. The Gotland, Shetland and Bluefaced Leicester are 100% British, originated and processed in the UK. The Merino is from South America. None of the wool that we use comes from mulesed flocks.