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Hot Stuff - Shetland/Silk

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The fibre is dyed on a gradient, from gentle orange at one end to rich ruby red at the other. This will spin up into the most beautifully textured yarn, which is perfect for socks, mitts, hats and sweaters.

60% Shetland wool/40% Tussah silk

Shetland wool is very special indeed.  It has a crisp, silk feel, and is extremely warm and strong and elastic, and has excellent water repelling qualities, making it perfect for hats, gloves, sweaters, socks - almost anything, in fact.   It's the perfect all rounder.  In this fibre it is blended with Tussah silk, which adds to its natural sheen, and lends a little luxury and drape. The wool and silk take the colours differently, providing a beautiful marled effect with bright, lustrous contrast from the silk. 

Each braid weighs approximately 100g.