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Eco-warrior Sock - Floozy - Bluefaced Leicester/Tencel 100g/400m

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Floozy is a bright, fun dip-dyed yarn with colours moving from palest candy pink through to rich scarlet in short repeats. A floozy is usually defined as a woman of loose morals, but I like to think of a floozy as a woman who throws her shoulder back and a party dress on, and defies the social conventions imposed upon her. She's seizing control and having fun while she's doing it.

70% Bluefaced Leicester/30% Tencel

Each skein is 100g/400m

 I love a good sock yarn, and Eco-warrior Sock is a corker - even better, it's environmentally sound, and the wool is sourced and spun in the UK. This is a blend of strong, soft British Bluefaced Leicester and Tencel. Tencel is a cellulose fibre produced using a closed-loop system, which means that all the materials used in the manufacturing process are repeatedly recycled, minimising waste and pollution.

The addition of Tencel makes this yarn extremely strong.  It's perfect for socks, which take a lot of punishment, but it also makes a fantastic warp (and weft) yarn. It has a lovely sheen and drape which work beautifully in woven items.