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Cherries Jubilee - Linen/Silk

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The blend is dyed beautiful rich pinks, ranging from rose through raspberry and cherry, on a natural biscuit-coloured base. It's just edible.

66% Tussah Silk/ 34% Linen/flax

This is a really delicious blend to spin.  The silk is beautifully soft and shiny and the papery, light linen complements it beautifully. Linen also softens the more it's handled, meaning your fabric will just become more beautiful with time.  It suits being spun finely, and also works beautifully for heavier, slubby yarns with plenty of texture and character.  It's perfect for summery scarves and tops, as it's light, natural fibres can both keep you warm and keep you cool.

Each braid weighs 50g.