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Agatha All Along - Merino/Alpaca/Silk

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The Marvel Universe is full of great characters, and Agatha Harkness is one of my favourites. This colourway is perfect for her - a dark humbug blend that takes the lilac dye subtly on the deeper brown, but brightly on the silk. It almost shimmers.

40% superfine Alpaca/40% organic Falklands Merino/20% A grade Mulberry silk

This blend of superfine alpaca, organic merino and silk is extraordinarily luxurious. It's soft, bouncy, and spins effortlessly.  The alpaca will give it a slightly fuzzy halo over time, and the silk shines with a rich lustre.  It makes a yarn that has superlative drape and shine, and is downy soft on the skin. It's perfect for drapey neckwear or tight-knit soft mitts.

Each braid weighs 100g.