Zebra Finch – Bluefaced Leicester


100% Exmoor-bred Bluefaced Leicester

This Bluefaced Leicester fibre is very special indeed.  Sourced from specific Devon based flocks, it’s double sorted and processed by John Arbon Textiles. It’s really spectacular fibre – supremely strong, yet very soft with a beautiful lustre that makes colours really pop.

Colour and Inspiration

The zebra finch is an unassuming little bird – it doesn’t flash with iridescent greens and golds, but its colours are rich and earthy. As soon as I saw a picture of it, this colourway flashed into my mind.  This is a blend of soft grey, fawn, chocolate brown, bright coral pink and spicy orange.  It’s absolutely glorious.

Each braid weighs 100g.

Additional information

Weight 100 g


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