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Tyrion – Merino/Alpaca/Peduncle silk


70% Merino / 15% Peduncle silk / 15% Baby Alpaca

This fibre is as complex and beguiling as its namesake. It is both dark and bright, with peduncle silk and black baby alpaca providing drape and shine, combined with buttery soft Merino. It is easy to draft and spins into a delicious yarn with lots of depth of colour and plenty of drape.  It’s next to skin soft and perfect for mitts, shawls or larger items like sweaters as it’s beautifully warm. Peduncle silk is made from the stalks that attach the silk moth cocoons to branches. It’s slightly coarse to the touch, like raw silk, and has quite a short staple. It has the most beautiful sheen and is a gorgeous grey/bronze colour.

Colour & Inspiration

This custom blended roving is from our Game of Thrones range, and is named after Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion is a complicated character – the third child of Machiavellian Tywyn Lannister, who despises his son for being a dwarf and hates him for causing his mothers death during childbirth. Tyrion is troubled, twisted, kind, wise, naive, dry, humane, handsome and ugly. I think he is my favourite character. I dread the day he gets killed off.  The colours are an irresistible mix of wine red, maroon and gold merino, with black alpaca and bronze peduncle silk. I challenge you not to fall in love with it.



Each braid weighs approximately 100g.

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Weight 100 g


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