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Truly Scrumptious – Bluefaced Leicester/Tussah Silk – 100g


Colour & Inspiration

This is a fantastic blend of natural coloured wool and silk, shot through with raspberry Tussah silk.  It’s subtle and delicious.


The BFL is deliciously soft and strong.  It is a longwool with a lovely character and lustre, and the silk adds luxury, drape and a mouthwatering ripple of colour. It’s wonderful to spin.  The BFL drafts easily and mixes effortlessly with the silk.  It also felts beautifully.

This would be perfect for any wearables, including scarves, socks and gloves, because it is next-to-skin soft and cosy, and has durability as well as luxury.

The blend is:

60% Bluefaced Leicester, 40% Tussah silk

Each braid weighs 100g.

The BFL in this blend is 100% British, and is processed in the UK.

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