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The Wide Sargasso Sea – Exmoor Blueface


100% Exmoor Blueface

This fibre is one of my favourites. Produced by John Arbon from local Devon flocks, It’s a joy to spin, with a beautiful texture and a lovely, open hand. It’s soft and takes colour with gorgeous intensity. It makes a lustrous, elastic yarn perfect for sweaters, socks, hats and mitts. I can wear it next to my skin although it might be slightly too coarse for those with sensitive skin.

Colour & Inspiration

This colourway is part of the World Book Day collection and is inspired by Jean Rhys’ devastating response to Jane Eyre. It tells the story of Mr Rochester’s first wife, Bertha Mason. Antoinette is a young Creole woman from Dominica, who is sold in marriage to Mr Rochester by her stepfather, Mr Mason. What follows is a tale of domestic cruelty that eventually drives Antoinette (renamed Bertha by her despicable husband) insane. The novel deals with themes of slavery, race, colonialism, domestic abuse, white patriarchy, women’s lack of agency and mental health.  I loved it when I first read it, although I did t understand the half of it then. It’s also really interesting to reread Jane Eyre after reading this book.

The colours reflect the bright colours of The Caribbean contrasted with the dark greys and browns of Antoinette’s prison – Thornfield Hall in Yorkshire. Finally, there is deep red to signify the irreparable damage Antoinette suffers at the hands of her husband.

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