Spinney – 100% British Masham


100% British Masham

Masham is a longwool with a ton of shine and drape. Yarn spun from this wool has a lovely halo, and it takes dye with loads of depth and intensity.  It’s similar to Wensleydale in softness, and in staple length, although it doesn’t tend to be as crimpy as Wensleydale. It’s lovely for felting, and it spins up into a really drapey, lustrous yarn.

Colour Inspiration

Spinney (from the latin spinetum, meaning ‘thorny thicket’) is a lovely mix of apple and lime greens and soft blue. It reminded me of being out in my local nature reserve, which has the most beautiful old orchard. It feels fresh and bright and full of light.

Additional information

Weight 100 g


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