She Sells Sea Shells – Bluefaced Leicester

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100% Exmoor-bred Bluefaced Leicester

This Bluefaced Leicester fibre is very special indeed.  Sourced from specific Devon based flocks, it’s double sorted and processed by John Arbon Textiles. It’s really spectacular fibre – supremely soft with a beautiful hand, it really is a must.

Colour and Inspiration

This was inspired by a handfull of shells from an Irish beach. The colours were so gentle, but had depth and a story behind them. I haven’t been able to get those shells out of my head, and this is the result. You can almost feel the sand between your toes as you spin.

Each braid weighs 100g.

Additional information

Weight 100 g

2 reviews for She Sells Sea Shells – Bluefaced Leicester

  1. Rob Clucas (verified owner)

    The colours are beautiful, but I’m disappointed by the fibre. It feels coarse and there are a lot of nepps- not what I expect from JA fibre, thought I haven’t spun their undyed double sorted to compare.

    • rachaelp

      Hi Rob, I’m so sorry you were disappointed by the fibre. This BFL is some of the softest I have ever worked with so you shouldn’t have experienced any coarseness or neps – I’m really surprised that this has happened. I’d be happy to send a replacement, as I’m sure this is the exception rather than the rule.

  2. Rob Clucas (verified owner)

    Updated review –
    First, I can’t fault Rachel’s customer service. She sent me a replacement top promptly, and the colours were even more beautiful than first time round.
    I encountered the same nep problem again, unfortunately. The neps were restricted to one area of the fibre, and my assumption is that there was some problem during the processing at the mill, as the fibres closest to the neps were also a little disorganised and fluffy. So, once more, this was not as enjoyable a spin as I had hoped it would be.
    However, the fibre felt beautiful when plying, and it is gorgeous to knit with – heavy, lustrous, and drapey, just as it should be. (I can spot the odd very small fuzzy section as I knit, but I don’t think anyone else would notice in the finished item).
    I’m happy to accept Rachel’s assurance that the problems I encountered were the exception rather than the rule. With neps, I’d now give this four stars overall. I think a nep-free top would be a clear 5 stars.

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