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Riverrun – Corriedale/BFL/Bamboo/Merino/Stellina


58% Corriedale/14% Black diamond (bamboo)/14% Bluefaced Leicester/14% Merino/Stellina

This lovely blue/grey blend of Corriedale and Bluefaced Leicester is a delight to spin. Corriedale and BFL are both next-to-skin soft, with micron counts of between 24-30.  They are robust and beautifully textured, and both will draft and felt brilliantly. The black bamboo gives smoothness and drape, and will add a slippery, shiny element to the end product.  The bue stellina is soft against the skin, and is easy to spin. The end result will be luxuriously drapey and sparkly but with plenty of elasticity and warmth

Part of our Game of Thrones inspired range. Riverrun is the ancestral home of the Tullys, whose sigil is a leaping fish. A three sided fort, Riverrun sits on the confluence of two rivers.  The colours are aquamarine and turquoise, with soft oatmeal Bluefaced Leicester and black bamboo.  There is some fantastically blingy blue stellina in the mix too, which sparkles like the sun on water.


Each braid weighs approximately 100g.

The BFL used in this blend is 100% British wool.  We do not use any fibres in our blends that come from mulesed flocks.

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Weight 100 g


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