RingOs XL Stitch Markers by Fripperies & Bibelots


With all the benefits of ringOs comes ringOs XL. Larger ringOs perfect for your thicker yarn knits.

ringOs XL are snag-free ring stitch markers for knitting that glide on and off your needles and won’t dangle or tangle in your yarn.

They are made from lightweight anodised aluminium rings and adorned with beautiful seed beads which are glued in place over the join.

Each set of ten rings come packaged in their own cute round aluminium screw top tin and will fit needles up to 8mm/US11.

I use these all the time in my knitting.  The colours are lovely, they are easy to use, and they come with a handy tin that you can just pop in your project bag.


Additional information

Weight 100 g

Rubber Ducky, Cat & Sparrow, Woodland, Rock Chick, Spectrum, Peacock, Lavender Garden, Peanut Butter, Stained Glass Window, Robin's Nest, Stormy Weather, Oil Slick


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