Polwarth/Yak/Silk – Careless Whisper – 100g


34% Polwarth / 33% Yak / 33% Tussah Silk

Polwarth and yak and silk, oh my! Soft, bouncy, fluffy, warm, shiny … Is there anything this fibre can’t do?  This is a delight to spin, and, considering that the yak content is high it is not challenging – the short, fluffy fibres distribute themselves easily throughout the combed top, with minimal slubs.   Tussah silk gives it a luxurious texture and sheen.  Polwarth is a wonderful wool to work with – soft, easy to draft and possessed of a unique squish factor once it’s been washed and allowed to bloom. Yarn spun from this blend will be extremely luxurious, warm and soft. It’s like the brush of velvet, as downy as a kitten’s underbelly.  It will also felt beautifully. I think you will like it.

Colour & Inspiration

The brown yak, white polwarth and creamy silk create a lovely humbug fibre that will give the yarn a lot of depth of colour. Careless Whisper is a gentle mix of soft grey, mauve and stone.  Its subtle beauty will seduce you before you even know it.

Additional information

Weight 100 g


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