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Andaman Sea – Polwarth


Colour & Inspiration

The rich turquoise and the blue layered over it gives it depth and makes the turquoise really pop. It’s reminiscent of a holiday on a secluded Thai island, where you can spend the day eating green curry, drinking beer, dipping your feet in the tropical waters and having no cares at all.


100% Polwarth

Polwarth is a wonderful wool to work with.  It is almost as soft as Merino, and has a beautiful crimp and texture.  It absorbs light, which means that it isn’t very lustrous, but takes takes colour with a beautiful, velvety intensity.  When felted or spun, it poofs up with a delightful squishiness.  It has plenty of elasticity, and is perfect for next to skin wear, such as scarves, gloves or sweaters.

Each braid weighs approximately 100g


Available on back-order

Additional information

Weight 0.1 g


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