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Pants on Fire – Wensleydale/Silk


50% Wensleydale / 50% Tussah silk

This blend takes colour beautifully, and spins like a dream into a silky, lustrous, drapey yarn.  The staple length of the Wensleydale/silk blend is between 8 and 12 inches, and the long fibres mean that it can cope with a lot less twist than shorter staple fibres.

The addition of silk to Wensleydale makes a delicious fibre that, when spun softly, has a fabulous drape and shine. It’s just magical.

Each braid weighs 100g.

Colour & Inspiration

This colourway was inspired by the current leaders of my country.  The colours are a soft mauve for the shadowy underbelly of our political system, deep Tory blue for the corporate suits and fiery orange for the smouldering mendacity that threatens to burn our democracy to the ground.

All profits from this colourway will go to, the UK’s fact checking charity.

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Weight 100 g


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