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Mother of Pearl – Bluefaced Leicester/Corriedale/Silk/Pearl – 100g


50% Corriedale / 25% Bluefaced Leiester / 12.5% Mulberry silk / 12.5% Pearl fibre

This is a fantastic mix of Corriedale and Bluefaced Leicester, both of which are next to skin soft with bags of texture and elasticity.  Bluefaced Leicester is a lustrous wool, and this is enhanced by the shine of the silk and the pearl fibre.

Pearl fibre is a biodegradable cellulose (plant-based) fibre, infused with pearl powder that acts as a natural UVA protector and has a wonderful drape and shine.

The blend will have plenty of elasticity as well as drape, making it perfect for next to skin garments such as shawls, hats, mitts and drapey cardigans.

Each braid weighs approximately 100g.

Colours & Inspiration

Mother of Pearl is a beautiful melange of soft grey and shimmering mints, pinks and lilacs. It looks just like the inside of an oyster shell, is gentle on the eyes and a delight to work with.



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Weight 100 g


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