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Midi 3D Printed Turkish Spindles

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Midi spindles

These 3D printed midi spindles made by Jen Kemery of Turtlemade fall between the mini spindles and the standard spindles in terms of weight. They are superlatively fast spinners, and are perfect for spinning very fine yarns.


5.5″ shaft
4.25″ arms

For weight, please select your preferred option.

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These 3D printed Turkish spindles from Turtlemade are fantastic. They are bottom weighted and tend to be very stable. On top of this, when you spin, you create a centre pull ball on the spindle itself, which you can then use to ply with, without worrying about winding the single yarn off for plying.


The spindle arms are made from PLA, which is a durable, biodegradable thermoplastic. Don’t worry! It only starts to biodegrade when exposed to extreme heat. Jen recommends that you don’t leave it in the car on a hot day. The shafts are made from molded ABS plastic, which is known for its impact resistant properties. Handy for a drop spindle!

Additional information

Weight 100 g

Oranges, Baby Pink/White, Hot Pink, Mint/Hot Pink, Sunshine Yellow/Neon Pink, Neon Pink/Mint, Green/Blue, Orange/Royal Blue, Silver/White, Gradient lime/lilac, Lime, Neon Pink/Green, Chartreuse/ Blue, Sea Green/Neon Pink, Chocolate/Coffee, Lemon, Tangerine/Royal Blue, Glow in the Dark, Mint/Blue, Spring Green, Mint/Candy-apple Red, Candy-apple Red/Pale Blue, Scarlet, White/Deep Sea Green

2 reviews for Midi 3D Printed Turkish Spindles

  1. Eleanor

    These Spindles have transformed my opinion of using drop spindles. They are weighted so well and also look really contemporary. A fab tool to use to create your own yarn

  2. Linda OCarroll

    I have bought this one as a gift for a friend, but I totally love it. I just had to check it out! It spins beautifully in a little sushi dish, without snagging the arms, so it can be used supported. As a drop spindle, it has a long spin, and is very comfortable to handle. Thank you!

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