Ar Lan y Môr – Polwarth


100% Polwarth

Polwarth is gorgeous wool to work with.  It is almost as soft as Merino, and has a beautiful crimp and texture.  It absorbs light, which means that it isn’t very lustrous, but takes colour with a beautiful, velvety intensity.  When felted or spun, it poofs up with a delightful squishiness.  It has plenty of elasticity, and is perfect for next to skin wear, such as scarves, gloves or sweaters. This Polwarth is sourced from the Falkland Islands.

Each braid weighs approximately 100g

Colour & Inspiration

Ar Lan y Môr means ‘Beside the Sea’ in Welsh. It’s the title of the most gorgeous love song. The singer is dreaming of his love, who lives by the sea, and the words are so evocative of sea breezes carrying the scent of salt, roses and rosemary. This is a blend of beautiful rich blues and sage green.  It will spin into a beautifully variegated yarn with flashes of green.


Additional information

Weight 100 g


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