Journey to the North – Alpaca/Bluefaced Leicester/Linen/Silk/Merino – 100g


33% Bluefaced Leicester / 17% Alpaca / 17% Mulberry Silk / 17% Linen / 16% Merino

This is a beautiful blend of black Bluefaced Leicester and baby Alpaca, shot through with blue-green Mulberry silk, aquamarine linen and a touch of buttery Merino.  It’s beautifully textured. The linen lends lightness. The silk and alpaca add a luxurious drape.  The Bluefaced Leicester gives the overall blend plenty of elasticity and lustre, and the Merino a buttery softness.  It’s really beautiful, and is perfect for next to skin wear.  It is light, warm and rich.

Each braid weighs approximately 100g.

Colour & Inspiration

This deep, dark colourway was inspired by Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights, and by Lyra’s journey to the icy north in the company of Gyptians, witches and armoured bears. The journey is dark, frightening, mysterious and wonderful. It’s filled with deep blacks and bright aquamarines, and calls to mind the icy darkness and haunting lights of the far north.

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Weight 100 g


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