Hocus Crocus – Exmoor Blueface/BFL/Wensleydale


50% Exmoor Blueface/30% Bluefaced Leicester/20% Wensleydale

This is really, really special fibre.  It’s produced by John Arbon Textiles from locally farmed Devon flocks.  The blend is inspired – the Exmoor Blueface is beautifully strong and has a lot of softness as well as an open hand and beautiful texture. The Devon-bred BFL is some of the finest I’ve ever come across – soft, lustrous and bouncy.  Finally, the Wensleydale gives it strength and a silky lustre.  I love that all these fibres can be traced back to local flocks.  It’s perfect for socks, thanks to its strength and softness, and will also make wonderful garments including hats, gloves and sweaters.

Colours and Inspiration

This was one of the first colourways I ever dyed, and it was inspired by the most beautiful crocus I saw in a churchyard when I was suffering with post natal depression. It had been a long winter, and I was really struggling, and then this flower poked its head out of the soil and suddenly the world was brighter and more manageable. It’s a gorgeous blend of bright gold, soft lilac and grey.  Perfect.

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Weight 100 g


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