Feast & Festival Fibre Club

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The Feast and Festival Fibre Club is a an adventure in fibre inspired by the amazing diversity of human culture. At a time when the language of politics seems increasingly to be one of fear of others, we wanted to celebrate the extraordinary richness and variety of humanity, how we celebrate the world around us, and how we express what it means to us.

Each month a single or double dose of the club will be sent out, and a world of colour and texture will drop through your letter box. Each month will choose a different feast or festival as inspiration.

You will receive at least 100g of fibre in each instalment, except for when and if the fibre is very luxurious, e.g. qiviut, 100% silk etc. The form of the fibre will vary, from fibre salad bags, to batts, hand dyed top and custom blends. Each month will be a surprise.

Single or double doses are available.

  • Single dose – £13 plus shipping.
  • Double dose – £26 plus shipping.

Sign up by 1st of the month to receive that month’s instalment, which will be sent out on the 2nd Friday of the month. You can cancel your subscription at any time before the 1st of each month.

This club’s last instalment will be sent out in March 2018.



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