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Teddy Bear’s Picnic – Exmoor Blueface


Colour & Inspiration

If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a delightful surprise… this colourway of coral, gold and deep forest green is just dying to be spun.  Designed specifically with fractal spinning in mind, this is one length of fibre dyed in three solid blocks.  The results are spectacular!


100% Exmoor Blueface.

This is wonderful wool, bred in Devon and processed by John Arbon. It’s a very beautiful fibre – it is next to skin soft, but with a lovely crisp texture and tons of elasticity and loft. I particularly love the depth of colour that this fibre gives . It’s a delight to spin and makes a lovely springy yarn.

Each braid weighs 100g.



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Weight 100 g


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