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Disco Dolly – Corriedale/Sari Silk – 100g


50% Corriedale / 35% Shetland / 15% Sari Silk

Corriedale and Shetland work so beautifully together, this is just a dream to spin. The Corriedale is next to skin soft and has tons of elasticity, and the Shetland is strong, has a gorgeous texture and is naturally water repellent.  Recycled sari silk fibre is splashed throughout to add a real pop of colour and texture.  This blend is perfect for shawls, hats, mitts and sweaters.

Colour & Inspiration

Remember disco? The irresistible beats? The lights? The crazy fashions? This fibre is the joy of disco wrapped up in a beautiful fibre package. It’s a rich blend of purple and lilac, with chocolate brown and corn yellow threaded through to add fun to the mix. The sari silk on top makes this a blend you just can’t wait to take to the floor…  or to your wheel. Either one.

Each braid weighs approximately 100g.

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Weight 100 g


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