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Dirty Martini – Merino/Icelandic/Alpaca/Silk – 100g

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Colours & Inspiration

The colours are inspired by Sparrow’s drink of choice, the Dirty Martini.  Classy, dry, every so slightly salty and mind bendingly alcoholic, there is no better choice when savouring a rare night out on the town. This blend has grey icelandic wool, merino and baby alpaca, white A-grade mulberry silk for exquisite softness, and a touch of olive merino. The result is a beautiful, gentle grey-green.

Just like my martini, which I like stirred, not shaken, this has been blended to integrate the colours and fibres more thoroughly.


This is a very special blend of fibres, perfect for spinning and felting. We’ve blended soft Merino wool with Icelandic wool, baby alpaca and silk.

Icelandic wool is unique in composition. It consists of two layers of fibre – an inner layer of soft, short, insulating fibre, and an outer layer of long, shiny, water-repellent fibre.  The composition of the wool makes it extremely light, warm and water resistant. It is also very soft, as the longer hairs are not coarse, as are the guard hairs of an alpaca, for example.  The staple length of this blend of outer and inner fibres is quite long – 9-10cm – and makes a very light, warm yarn.  It’s ideal for felting.

Alpaca is also very warm and light as the fibres are hollow, and the staple length is considerably shorter, giving this blend a definitely fuzzy fluffiness. The silk adds smoothness, shine and drape.  This yarn will work extremely well finely spun, although it will retain its softness in bulkier yarns too.  It’s ideal for hats, gloves, scarves, or light garments.


Each braid weighs approximately 100g. The composition is:
40% merino.
20% Icelandic wool.
20% Mulberry silk.
20% Baby Alpaca.

The fibres that we use have been carefully sourced to ensure the highest quality.  We do not use fibres that come from mulesed flocks.

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