Dark Sansa – 100g


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Colour & Inspiration

Combined with midnight blue and rust coloured Shetland is soft New Zealand Corriedale in petrol blue and lavender , and rich orange A-Grade Mulberry silk.

This fibre is one of our Game of Thrones range, and is inspired by Sansa Stark. Sansa has endured more than most. Once a spoiled child, she has become a beautiful and resilient woman. Her transition has been marked, and this blend celebrates the side of her that is dark, regal and has a hint of Machiavellian promise.


This main fibre in this blend is Shetland, which is an absolutely beautiful fibre to work with.  It’s perfect for spinning and felting, and it is, for most people, next to skin soft.  It is strong, highly textured and transforms from a fibre that doesn’t feel especially soft to a yarn that will make you feel wrapped up, cosy and cared for.  Shetland has wonderful water repellent properties as well, making it ideal for socks, hats and warm winter scarves. Shetland is easy to spin, and works supremely well spun finely, as well as adding a beautiful texture to chunkier yarns. Corriedale is next to skin soft and has a lovely open hand. It felts and spins very well, and has plenty of elasticity.  Luxurious mulberry silk adds a beautiful sheen and drape to the final yarn.

The blend is:

50% Shetland, 33% Corriedale, 17% A-grade Mulberry silk

Each braid weighs approximately 100g.

All the fibres we use are carefully sourced to ensure the highest quality. The Shetland originates and is processed in the UK. None of the fibres we use come from mulesed flocks.


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Weight 100 g


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