Mint Choc Chip – 100g


Colour & Inspiration

This colourway is just delicious. It’s a deep minty blue-green dyed onto a mix of brown Corriedale and A-grade Mulberry silk.  The brown Corriedale take the colour very subtly, and the white silk takes it strongly, creating a stunning contrast.  It gives the most wonderful effect to the finished product, whether it’s spun or felted, both of which it does beautifully.


70% Corriedale/30% Silk

This is the most glorious mix of Corriedale and silk, blended by John Arbon.  The Corriedale is some of the softest I’ve come across, and it has lovely elasticity and a beautiful next to skin softness that also has texture and character. The silk compliments it wonderfully, and takes the dye with intensity that makes it really stand out against the Corriedale.

Each braid weighs approximately 100g.

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