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Cocoon 4 ply – Alpaca/Silk/Linen


50% Alpaca / 25% Silk / 25% Linen

Approx 400m per skein (100g)

Cocoon 4ply is a fingering/sock weight yarn. It’s beautifully light, thanks to the alpaca and the linen, which has a pleasant, almost papery feel, and which becomes softer with wear. Alpaca is a warmer fibre than wool, but it also wicks moisture away from the skin more effectively. Silk lends a slight sheen and plenty of strength.   All three fibres have lots of drape and little to no elasticity.  These properties make this lovely yarn ideal for light summer tees and shawls.


Additional information

Weight 100 g

Dancing Queen, Jamaica Ginger Cake, Water Garden, Seaglass, Eat Your Greens, Sea of Tranquility, Nice Weather for Ducks, Bubble Bath, Winter Smoke


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