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Calliope – Merino/Corriedale/Tussah Silk – 100g


56% Merino / 20% Corriedale / 14% Tussah Silk

This is an irresistible mix of buttery soft Merino, beautifully textured Corriedale and luxurious tussah silk.  These fibres are perfect for next to skin wear and will make a beautifully elastic yarn with lots of squoosh and a little drape and shine from the silk.  Use it for soft neckwear, warm mittens or even socks. The silk adds strength as well as luxury, and the Corriedale adds more hardiness to the Merino.

Colours & Inspiration

Calliope was one of the three Muses, and presided over eloquence and epic poetry.  In Greek, it literally means ‘beautiful voice’, and some say she was the mother of the Sirens, who lured sailors to their watery graves by singing to them in their exquisite voices. This fibre is just as irresistible but much less dangerous.  It’s a subtle blend of deep and pale blues, lavender and pale green that blend together to make a rich blue, reminiscent of the Aegean sea.

Each braid weighs approximately 100g.


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Weight 100 g


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