Pearl Fishers – BFL/Silk/Mohair


50% Bluefaced Leicester/25% Silk/25% Mohair

This blend of Bluefaced Leicester, kid mohair and silk is superlatively soft and shiny, and the yarn will have a gentle halo when spun.  How it is spun, whether it’s and airy or fluffy woollen spin or a smooth worsted spin, will define the amount of halo.  The silk adds strength, sheen and smoothness and the BFL gives loft and elasticity. This blend is a real delight to spin, and the resulting yarn is soft and warm, with lots of drape.

Colour Inspiration

A very pale, delicate pinky-beige, this gorgeous colour is a balm for the soul.  It has a soft, pearly sheen thanks to the silk and mohair.  Imagine wearing a kitten-soft scarf or gloves in yarn spun from this fibre.  You’d almost want it to be winter all the time.

Each braid weighs approximately 100g.

Additional information

Weight 100 g


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