Star Fruit – 100g


Colour and Inspiration

Starfruit are sweet and delicious, but they are also delightfully decorative.  This colourway captures that beautiful olive green, and the tinge of plum that appears on the soft, shiny skin.


60% British Bluefaced Leicester/20% silk/20% linen

The fibres are well blended to ensure ease of drafting and even distribution of fibres.  The BFL and silk work beautifully together, giving the soft BFL sheen and drape, and the linen adds an interesting, almost paper texture to the fibre.  When spinning, the linen can feel rather stiff, but in the final yarn it adds a delicious lightness which gets softer and softer with use.  This fibre is perfect for knitting drapey garments, such as summery t-shirts, light scarves and warm-weather cardigans.





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Weight 100 g


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